Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekends are for Lovers

I am having my massage right now and I deserve it. But then I deserve all good things because, well . . . you know.

Faceworth finally made his break back to Bimini for the weekend. This time he took two Jennifers who were on the same flight to Miami. I took all three to the airport but dropped them at different places. At one point we were almost spotted by reporters and Faceworth hit the floor while the Jennifers giggled and did other unmentionable things.

I am not cut out for this!! Word has leaked out among the faculty and today someone accused me of "pimping" for Gerard.

The cocktail party!! It was at my home and Hugo was cohost. This meant Marvelle came along. Hugo was not friendly to me. It was the first time I had seen Marvelle for several days and we have had no contact since the Hearts of Pom incident.

She spend too much time talking to Caroline. Throughout their chats, Caroline would look at me with a worried expression. I've done nothing wrong here!!! Is it my fault that my privileged pedigree makes women swoon?

At one point Marvelle was talking to Dean Bumble and Faceworth and then to Faceworth alone. During that conversation, Faceworth also looked up at me with a quizzical expression. At one point I think they left together. I saw Hugo looking for Marvelle and said nothing. When they returned -- am I imagining this? -- Marvelle looked flushed and a tad disheveled. Maybe they just share a love of Pomeranians and she was showing him her collection.

Not my problem. Just want to be left alone for two days. I may have to cancel classes for the 07/08 academic year for obvious reasons.

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