Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marvelle's Valentine

Selecting the right Valentine for Marvelle was not as difficult as I thought. I allocated two hours and only needed one.

There was a very helpful sales clerk. When I told her that there was a woman who was quite taken by me and that I wanted a Valentine that said in a nice way "I do not want to be your Valentine" she knew exactly what I wanted.

She let me to a little room away from the other Valentine displays. You know the Hearts and Lace and Bunny Rabbits. This room was somewhat more "adult" in its Valentine offerings.

The card I decided on is just perfect. On the outside in a very tough looking guy wearing a little Lone Ranger type mask. He is also wearing a gun and holster. The gun has a exaggerated barrel.

You flip the card open and it says, "You better think twice about being my Valentine."

I immediately signed it "Chaddy" and popped it in the mail to Marvelle's office. So she will not be embarrassed I think it is better that Hugo not know about the attraction.

This, I am certain, will clarify things with her.

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