Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Every Word is True

Not a good Valentine's day, even for the best of us.

1.Let's start with Senator Faceworth. First you should know that I read in the Times that in response to some questions about his private life he dared reporters to follow him around. "You will regret it. The boredom will be intolerable."

He arrived by private jet. A squadron of reporters arrived soon thereafter and more were waiting at the hotel when I took him there at about 8 P.M. I gave him my cell number and the phone rang a midnight just as I was dozing off. "Let's have a drink," he said. "I'll be at the service ramp. Be here in 15 minutes" I was and found him, a knit cap pulled low and wrap-around sun glasses. He was very direct about wanting to go to a student "club." I had no idea where to take him but drove him to a part of town with student bars. We parked and went into something called the "Music Store." Average age 21. By now, if you know Senator Faceworth, you know what happened. After 30 minutes he found me. He wanted to go back to his room. "Of course," I said, not realizing that the two coeds - one on each arm - were to accompany him. So, at 1:00 A.M. I left him as he and his new playmates quickly scrambled from the car and darted for the service elevator. This cannot be good. And, he is here for three weeks.

2. A noon I was at School. No class, of course, because I think my throat may be a little scratchy tomorrow. Coffee in the lounge and then a quick mail check. In my mail box was a plastic box about 5 inches by 8 inches and 4 inches deep. I pulled it out. On the top, someone had draw a heart. The heart was black with a capital M in the middle. Marvelle, I thought. Maybe she did not understand the obvious message of my own Valentine to her. When I open the box a note, "you pig, I warned you." And under the note, what appeared to a heart. Not a happy Valentine's heart but not-so-happy real heart My guess is that it was from a pig or maybe a poodle. But then again maybe a pomeranian. On second thought maybe a bit large for a pomeranian

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