Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buon Giorgo

It has been a hectic month and there is much to report. First, I have been forced to file a legal action against Dean Bumble and the professors who authored the survey of students inquiring about any inappropriate actions by me. What an insult. If anything, people with my breeding know how to be discrete. Plus, frankly, except for that misguided episode with Shannon, I have been true to Caroline. I mean my efforts to discourage Marvel speak for themselves.

Here is the great news. I am writing from Rome. Yes, the summer program is in tact and Hugo, Marvel, Caroline and I are here working hard for the students. It is true we are down to 5 students and it is true that those five did not actually make the trip to Italy but we are working hard.

As you know, some of the students were upset that the Summer in Italy program did not actually mean they were going to Italy -- only the professors. Some parents were quite rude and the intial enrollment dwindled to 5. Good riddance I say. Those students obviously were not cut out for foreign travel. The Law School decided we had to operate the program anyway because the American Association of Law Schools had already purchased 30 tickets for a team to come and inspect the program.

We are doing our best for the five students. Each week we send a postcard with some interesting fact about Italian law. In the interest of giving the students what they want, we have decided not to administer a final exam.

As for me, being a dedicated teacher of young people is its own reward.

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