Sunday, February 11, 2007

Faculty Approval and Marvelle's Valentine

I forgot one detail about summer program in Rome. It must be approved by the faculty. That meeting is this Friday and I need to submit a written proposal by Wednesday, the same day as Senator Faceworth's arrival. The program will be approved but the bean counters on the faculty will sure raise an issue or two. On the other hand, no faculty member currently involved in a foreign program will vote no so it should pass with at least 80% of the vote.

The Valentine is a bit trickier. What do you give to a woman who is your best friend's wife, is very taken by you (and who could blame her) and is bold enough to tell you almost in public that if you touch her again it will make her even more of a woman. O.K I know when I first heard it, I misunderstood and thought she said if I touched her again she had friends who would make ME even more of a woman but, luckily, I avoided the misunderstanding. Oh, it also has be a Valentine that communicates that I like her but I do not want to be her Valentine (if you understand what I mean).

Tomorrow I will shop for the perfect Valentine. I think I will sign it Chaddy which is what Caroline calls me when we are alone. Tuesday the report to the faculty.

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