Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sun Burn

Senator Faceworth evidently came back late last night, having taken Monday off. Judging by his sun burn, the trip to Bimini was a success. Now he is followed by a caravan of pink faced reporters. The cocktail party in is honor is this Thursday. He has not thanked me for the selection of single malt scotches in his office. I am beginning to look forward to his departure. I have had way too many Heathers and Jennifers to escort back to their apartments or dorms.

I have gone ahead and cancelled class for next week since I know right now that I will have a splitting headache and there is no reason to inconvenience the students.

Yesterday, after my massage, I met Hugo for tennis. Caroline was with me but Marvelle did not come. I asked about her and all Hugo said was, "I am surprised that you have to ask." After that, nothing. This is worrysome.

Hugo and Marvelle also breed Pomeranians. This could clear up the mystery of the heart Marvelle left in my mailbox. If there is one less pup in their kennel, I think I know where that heart of Pom is (or was). Somehow I need to contact Marvelle and let her know that my Valentine was not meant to encourage her but to suggest that I am spoken for.

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