Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Midnight Rider

Two more midnight calls from Faceworth and four more Gingers or Kimberlys -- who knows, who cares. Even though I pick him up at the loading dock of the hotel and he has his stocking cap pulled low, it is not always fool proof. Last night at what has become his favorite bar I spotted a pick-faced reporter who I recognized from the caravan of cars that following us each day. He definitely saw Faceworth and then left hurriedly.

I dropped by school today for a few minutes. One of the untenureds ask me to read a manuscript. What a twerpt. I understand why she asked but the insensitivity of it is inexcusable. I have way too much to do. Plus, as I recall, when I asked this specific faculty member for some help on my taxes she did not call back for over an hour.

I am so looking forward to my massage today. I may have to cancel classed for March if the headache I may have does not let up.

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