Friday, February 16, 2007


I am not often humiliated. Afterall, I am . . . you know. But,

1. Last night the midnight call from Senator Faceworth. Off to the local bar back home with two Jennifers. Yes, they had to have the same name.

2. Yesterday morning. The Dean Bumble picked up the Senator in the hotel lobby, swarm of reporters present of course, and took him to school. My assignment? Go to the service entrance and pick up his two companions from the previous night -- Heather and Misty.

They piled in the car and immediately said. "Chaddy, Gerard told us you would take us to breakfast and for tanning." And I did. What could I do? I wore dark classes and I am a little nervous about the car that seemed to be following.

Today, the same routine -- breakfast and tanning. I will, however, be at school for the 3:00 meeting about the Italian summer program.

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