Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Rethinking Marvelle's Overture

Your dutiful quartet arrived back in Ivyville Sunday evening. Much too tired to possibly hold class this week but I hope to be ready the week after that. I am feel a nasty headache coming on as a write this. Surely the dean cannot expect me to spend a week doing research of the first virtual summer foreign program and be back in class so quickly. I did at least three weeks work in Italy already. I informed the students and in order to make up the classes missed I Xeroxed some bar review outlines for them to peruse and told them to go watch Casablanca because of its connections to my course on International Financial Transaction Involving Families and Children Faced with Elder Law Intellectual Property Issues. Naturally I have to limit enrollment to 10 but, interesting, that has not been a problem so far. I guess word is just not out among the students.

I was cordial to Marvelle in the trip back but made an effort not to be alone with her. The idea did occur to me, though, that I may have misunderstood her comment. For example, "Listen you asshole. I have friends Hugo does not know about and you should pray you never see. Touch me again like you did on the plane coming over and I will make sure they make you even more of a woman." could be a slightly indirect way of telling me that she has secrets from Hugo and maybe she just phrased what she mean carelessly. In fact, I am pretty sure what she meant to say is "only you can make me even more of a woman."

I do not want to be involved with her except as the wife of my dear fried and coauthor Hugo but do not want to disappoint her either. Perhaps a Valentine is in order.

In the meantime while in customs, Hugo and I completed another article while waiting for our luggage:

Junior III, Chadsworth & Valencia, Hugo, "Guide to Implementation of Virtual Summer Study Program for Indigent Ivy League Law Students," 1 Ghostarticle 44 (2007) (those present: US Agriculture dog, US Border guard, Emil (skycap).

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