Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend and Ghostarticle

The Senator is off to Bimini for the week end and I am sleeping.

Friday the faculty met on the Italy program. A few bean counters wanted to know what would happened to the 90K in tuition. They also asked if this meant fewer courses in our domestic summer program. Somehow the explanation that the Program was self supporting did not seem to make them less annoying.

The only surprise was a little surge of opposition when someone brought up the fact that no students would actually be going to Italy. What a complete misunderstanding of the innovative nature of the program! The students will almost go to Italy. After all, there will be daily, or at least weekly webcasts or, at the worst, occasional postcards.

This low level of opposition was quickly smothered when I announced the need for at least 8 guest lecturers each summer.

My latest:

Junior III, Chadsworth & Bumble, Roger, "Post Meeting Musings on Italian Wines and Cheeses,"
1 Ghortarticles 155 (2007) (Present: Senator Gerard Faceworth, Jennifer, Jennifer, unidentified heart of Pom)

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