Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ghost Article Submission

Hugo and I were discussing the submission standards for Ghostarticles. As you know these are articles influenced by the tendency of law professors to list as an article anything that they have said in the presence of others that was transcribed.

Hugo and I determined that the transcription requirement was arbitrary and that any discussion in the presence of others should be rightfully be noted as part of one's scholarly output. Hence the birth of the journal Ghostarticles.

Two issues have arisen. First, does it have to be a conversation with another person? Suppose you just run through some important ideas in your head? Isn't the requirement that another person be involved unnecessary? It does not increase the importance of one's contribution.

Second, even if another person has to be involved, does there have to be someone present who actually hears the discussion. Ghostarticle citation form requires naming those present but it is not clear why. Again it has not bearing on the quality of the scholarship.

These are things to consider while I shop for Marvelles' valentine today.

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