Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Meeting Dean Bumble

Dean Bumble asked to see me about the letter accusing me of improper touching. Although it is unsigned, I knew it was from Marvelle. She has joined three things together. She says I made flirtatious remarks to her at lunch, purposely brushed against her and sent her a suggestive Valentine. (I have not mentioned her Valentine to me so far.) All of this from a women who once told me she new knew I could make her even more of a woman -- or that is what I thought I heard.

Dean Bumble has more or less deputized several faculty members to send an open letter to all women students asking if any of them have been made uncomfortable by me. I strenuously objected but he said he has done it all before and it worked great. Evidently about half the faculty insisted on signing the letter. I am not sure what to make of that. I have little to fear here since I have not had any inappropriate contact with a student for at least ten years and even then it was with an older divorced student and well before Caroline entered my life.

With Dean Bumble was Alex Ester a reporter for the Ivyville Sun. Dean Bumble has made a deal with the Sun. I am to give them the exclusive story about Manchild's visit and they agree to 1) not reveal my identity and 2) report nothing disfavorable about the law school for 5 years. This deal was attractive to me because it means not printing anything about Marvelle's allegations.

I've much to think about but mainly right now I need a massage, a full body wrap and some of Manchild's single malt scotch which I noticed he had not touched. If you think about it -- really think about it. Things are looking up for me.

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