Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sensitivity Training Avoided

Caroline insisted on reading my apology letter before I sent it to Marvelle. The letter clearly passed the New York Times (never write anything down that you would not want to appear on the front page of the Times) test but Caroline's test was a bit tougher. There was a great deal of eye-rolling and sighing but ultimately she let it go out and I narrowly missed sensitivity training. Which, by the way, I greatly support for others so they may understand how the privileged are likely to percieved their thoughtless statements about rich people, spoiled people, elitists and so on. My feelings are amost hurt. Sometimes I feel like the caveman guy on TV.

I think the Marvelle issue has been put to rest. I will know when we are supposed to meet Marvelle and Hugo for tennis Saturday. I think, at the very least, I have saved the summer in Italy program which the faculty approved when I pulled out my trump cards -- the need for many guest lectures and the complete absence of students.

Tomorrow I meet with the Ivyville Sun reporter about Senator Gerard "Manchild" Faceworth's ill-fated visit.

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