Sunday, March 11, 2007


As you can see from my lastest publication (see below), Caroline and I spent time this weekend "discussing" Marvelle. Marvelle had given a copy of the Valentine to Caroline, Hugo, the Law faculty and the entire student body. You know the one -- it has a really long-barrelled gun on the front and inside it says," You better think twice about being my Valentine." Caroline, Dean Bumble, Mavelle and the faculty who wrote to the students asking about my prior history of inappropriate behavior seem to agree that it is suggestive. I don't get it. Caroline says I need to write a letter of apology to Marvelle. I think it is a crazy violation of the New York Times rule. But, if I do not, she says I must get sensitivity training.

I think I am OK with Caroline and I will attempt the letter to Marvelle.

Hopefully the faculty call to students will not turn up anything.

A reporter from the Ivyville Sun has called 10 times today. Is it possible that Marvelle has told the press who the myterious escort was?

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