Thursday, January 25, 2007

Never Trust a Blogger

A few days ago I sent a letter to Jeff Harrison who is a fellow law professor and who, despite his whining, seemed like a nice guy. The letter was about a pressure packed day I had. You can read it over on classbias. Now he has published it and I think his purpose is to ridicule me.

The way he has presented the letter it makes me seem like I do not work hard. I will admit that, looking at it now, there is a sense that I did little actual work that day. Nothing could be further from the truth. Harrison does not understand two things:

1. Those of us who are well educated and well bred are thinking all the time. For example, during both my massage and my racket ball game I was considering the importance of tax cuts for the wealthy and elimination of the inheritance tax.

2. We need our "down time." It is during the down time that our brains recharge. For example, it is clear to me that the proper schedule for law professors like myself is one teaching day a week. Every other year should be a sabbatical.

I know those who do not understand will say the usual working class schedule is 40-50 hours a week and a two week vacation but those people are so much less productive, they have to work longer.


Maximillian said...

Quite so, Chadsworth. Indeed, it's a wonder you even find time to blog! I do so much admire your willingness to enage with a lesser colleague like Jeff. I kind of like him too. I was thinking of offering to allow him to add my esteemed name to his latest article as a (needless to say, nonworking) co-author so that a highly-ranked journal might accept it and the well-connected might read it. Have you any thoughts on that Chadsworth? I'd be most obliged if you could share them.

At any rate, I must run or I'll be late for my tennis match.


Privilegelaw: Your Birthright said...
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Privilegelaw: Your Birthright said...

Thanks Max: It's nice to know that intelligent life exists out here in bloggiland. (Isn't that a hoot!? That is what Duncan calls it.) Coupon Coupon